Our Recent and Current Projects


In 2012, ADB requested the services of LearnTrans to design and deploy an Assessment Centre(AC) to identify from a shortlisted pool of 50 internal professionals, made up of senior banking officers and brand managers for a planned talent management programme labelled Accelerated Development Programme(ADP). LearnTrans identified and agreed the desired competencies against which the participants were tested. Once agreed LearnTrans designed and implemented the 2 part AC to test for cognitive capability (psychometrics) and leadership potential. External assessors were selected and trained for the exercise, which was carried out over a 5 day period. Individual reports were prepared for all participants. The successful candidates (i.e. participants scoring 70% and above) were placed on the ADP. ADB subsequently commissioned LearnTrans to apply the same process to help the Bank recruit new banking sales and relationship managers into ADB.


In 2010, VRA commissioned LearnTrans to design and deliver a 3- Module Interim Leadership Development series to prepare the executive and senior management teams to address to take up more complex responsibility.

Post delivery to the two leadership teams, some of the participants were selected and trained over a two week period to cascade delivery of modified version to different levels within VRA . The cascading process is still on-going at VRA.

In 2012 VRA Commissioned LearnTrans to design and deploy its first Assessment Centre to streamline the recruitment of graduates into VRA and to ensure that quality candidates had been selected. A combination of psychometric and organisational bespoke tests were deployed for the purpose.


GRIDCo commissioned LearnTrans to design and deliver an interim leadership development programme aimed at addressing acute attrition at executive leadership level. An assessment Centre was deployed to determine leadership competence gaps for forty (40 ) senior managers.

A multi faceted leadership learning intervention was designed to plug the competency gaps identified through the Assessment Centre. Delivery is still on- going.

UT Bank

In 2012, UT Bank engaged LearnTrans to establish a fully fledged L&D function (separate from the HR function) in the form of a Corporate Academy, to introduce a blended learning approach to curriculum development and delivery of essential learning, to all staff in UT. One of the key requirements was to introduce more technology based approaches to learning and to achieve cost efficiency as a result .

LearnTrans established a business case for the installation of a Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate learning needs analysis, design, delivery and results based evaluation mechanisms and more effective enrolment of programme participants. LearnTrans also designed and delivered UT Bank’s first Graduate Development Programme (GDP) and transformed graduate recruitment practices through the introduction of Assessment Centres.


In 2013, NPA engaged the services of LearnTrans to design and deliver a series of Leadership learning events at two levels within NPA: Foundational and Senior Leadership levels to facilitate the execution of its mandate.


Between 2013 and 2016, GNPC commissioned LearnTrans to design and deliver leadership learning sessions for two levels at GNPC.